Removing the Corrosion That Keeps Us From Resisting the Enemy

Keeping the Armor On at the Front


You are my hiding place and my shield...

“Keeping the Armor On at the Front” – lets you experience various encounters with Biblical demons in 16 Battle Reports.

These Battle Reports are real-time encounters, real-time responses concluding with a Bible promise.

In the course of these encounters you will learn how to use various tools and given the opportunity to identify the weapons of choice with which to do warfare; an exercise often neglected by today’s Christians.

An included workbook examines the armor of God in an “Armory” which also reveals some “secret” weapons not listed in Ephesians 6:10-18. Also included is a dossier of each enemy, a look at spiritual gifts, self-examining questions enabling the reader to discover strong holds, “stains” and “cracks,” the enemy can use to keep Christians at a disadvantage. Training intensifies with an exploration of Praising the Lord, Hearing His voice, Obeying Him, and Being filled with the Holy Spirit. Journaling is encouraged. Download a free journal page to begin recording your journey.

Begin the journey with a Top Secret level briefing before moving on to a Critical Ops Briefing.


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